Scope of Inspection

What to Expect with a MasterCraft Inspection

At MasterCraft Home Inspections, we make every effort to be meticulous when it comes to our home inspections in Houston, TX. Thus, any reports we produce will include a review of both the structural and mechanical components of the home. As always, if there is anything about the process that you do not fully understand, please ask us for help. We welcome your questions and truly possess the knowledge and skill to answer them.

Structural Systems

For house inspection purposes in Houston, the structural systems include your walls, ceilings, roof, attic, fireplace, chimney and more. We also pay special attention to your home’s foundation, which can develop subtle cracks, slopes or shifts that can eventually damage the structural integrity of the entire building.

Mechanical Systems

These systems include your home’s wiring, heating and cooling systems, as well as plumbing fixtures, drains, kitchen appliances and even your garage door opener. We will also check your water wells and septic systems.

You can trust that we’ll give your home inspection in Houston the five-star treatment. After all, excellence in home inspections is what we do best. It’s why we’re MasterCraft.