Houston Home Inspection Services

Your One-Stop Home Inspection Shop

At MasterCraft Home Inspections, we place a variety of Houston-based home inspection services at your disposal, so that you can get all the help you need in one location. Between getting approved for a home loan, shopping for the perfect house and signing all of the necessary closing documents, you have little time to interview multiple home inspectors in Houston to find the right one for your needs. Let us handle that. We’ll either do the work ourselves or bring in a third party to help. Below you’ll find a few of home inspections we offer in Houston:

New Construction Phase Inspections

You may think that contracting with a builder on a new home means it will be immune from defects, but sadly, that is not always the case. Builders are prone to human error like anyone else, which can sometimes result in problems for home buyers even if the property has never been occupied. Protect yourself by having MasterCraft conduct Houston-based home inspections at the various stages in the building process.

One-Year Warranty Inspections

One-year warranties are standard for all of the systems within most newly constructed homes today. Don’t let your warranty lapse without scheduling a detailed home inspection in Houston. Doing so will allow you to get any necessary repairs covered by your builder, rather than paying for them all out of pocket.

Other Inspection Services

In addition to the general home inspection services we offer in Houston, TX, we also provide inspections that are tailored to certain specific parts of your home, such as swimming pools and spas, sprinkler systems, water wells and septic systems. Our home inspectors are even licensed to conduct termite inspections, which are a common problem in numerous homes across Houston.